Movie Review – Batman v Superman



The greatest gladiator match in the history of the world, one of the most anticipated movies of 2016, yet Batman v Superman (BVS) has of today yet been able to make 1 billion.

I went into this movies a proud DC fan, fully geeked out in my Batman shirt and left well…still proud, but also underwhelmed and confused as I tried to make sense of the movie Snyder produced. So for this review I’ll break this down into the positives and negatives I felt about BVS.


Batfleck. Ben Affleck as Batman was as hypnotic as he was brutal. Some fans are still reeling at the sight of batman with a gun but I personally didn’t mind it. I liked this batman he scared me, he was efficient and he was a badass. A solo Batman movie is definitely something I want to see

Wonder woman. Although only in a couple scenes, Gadot was brilliant as wonder woman. They teased her story just enough. I was worried about how she would look physically on the screen but she pulled it off. From what I can tell the Wonder Woman movie has potential but I’m still not convinced as to how well she will do in a solo film.

Bruce Wayne/Batman/Alfred dynamic. A refreshing change to the usual dynamic seen between Bruce Wayne and his butler. Alfred in BVS is a lot more active and snarky. He reminded me a bit of the Alfred seen in Fox’s Gotham in that there is so much more to their character than just getting Bruce’s tea.

Cyborg and Aquaman cameos. OMG, they looked so good. Especially the cyborg one. I wasn’t that excited for the cyborg movie but that clip was by far the best in the cameos.


Lois Lane and Lois/Superman dynamic. I can’t with her. I just can’t. Her character is so annoying. Must you need saving so often Lois? Also, Henry Cavill and Amy Adams have zero chemistry. zilch. nada. Whenever their scenes came on screen it felt like the movie was dragging. They are so boring to watch and their sentimental moments made me want to vomit. Even Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot had better chemistry

CGI. The fight scene with Doomsday felt epic enough but there was either too much CGI or it just wasn’t done properly.

Pacing. The pacing was all over the place. One minute the movie was super slow. Next it was high energy and exciting. The choppiness of the editing made it difficult to care and pay attention to certain scenes which became somewhat important later in the movie.


Lex Luthor. I still don’t know how I feel about the Lex in BVS. At the beginning I hated everything about him, the casting, how he acted, even his face. After the senator scene I was like ooh…ok…he’s crazy as hell. But the crazy made him more interesting so he wasn’t as boring anymore. I’m interested to see the direction they take his character even though I believe, base on this performance, Jesse Eisenberg would have made the perfect Riddler.

Overall I wasn’t in love with BVS but I didn’t hate it either. I was disappointed because I didn’t want to be divisive with my own feelings.I loved certain parts and was indifferent to others. When I found out this movie had two writers I didn’t find it hard to believe as there were very different distinct tones in this movie. Going forward the franchise can’t afford to be so divisive with fans.

Rating: 3/5


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