Tv Reaction – The Flash S02 e18

The Flash return after yet ANOTHER break to CW last night. The beginning of the episode dives in by giving a back story to Zoom. The parallels between Zoom and Barry’s childhood is seen with both experiencing trauma as a child and having to be relocated. I guess this episode is questioning if evil is born or created. Even Barry states that had he not ended up with Joe then the person he became could have been completely different. I’m not sure if I’m completely buying it, Zoom’s dad was a insane psycho but there are plenty of people who had messed up parents who didn’t travel down a path similar to zoom (dude killed 20 persons before his change…20…)

In present day, Barry is testing out the tachyon device to increase his speed.  When Barry said ‘I’m back, how long was I gone?’ Was that a nod to the Flash/Supergirl crossover ep? I hope so. Harrison is arguing to keep the breeches closed and I agree. Barry is overly optimistic and I immediately felt his plan was not going to end well. Meanwhile on a personal level Iris’ affection for Barry is clearly growing. That should be interesting. Joe is so blind, poor Wally just wants to live with Joe and Joe’s offering him rent money loool

I’m excited to see Cisco develop his powers. He was kinda annoying me, having those cool powers and insists on not using them. Man up! Earth 2 Cisco’s Reverb was evil but he was still pretty cool. The Flash/Zoom showdown finally happens. Barry plants pictures of Zoom’s parents to distract him during the fight and traps Zoom. But alas, Zoom says ‘You can’t lock up the darkness’ and fazes through the trap. Shocker! Did anyone really believe this plan would work? At this point whenever Barry says he has a plan everyone else should just say NO!

Zoom kidnaps Wally and uses him as a pawn to trade for Barry’s speed. Wally is released, Harrison collects Barry’s speed and Zoom shoots up like the addict he is. Zoom attempts to kill Barry and is stopped by a cringe worthy speech by Caitlin who ultimately gets kidnapped by Zoom. I suppose I should care about this but I don’t. Caitlin’s sad speeches are the ultimate grey cloud on the show. And we still don’t know who the man in the iron mask is -_-


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