Movie Review – Xmen: Apocalypse

Oh how I wish Mystique actually did suffer…


No, seriously. spoilers. You’ve been warned.

Xmen Apocalypse, the third addition in the rebooted franchise that was noticeably less hyped than it’s predecessors. Had this movie been hyped up I probably would have hated it more and here’s why


Freaking Jennifer Lawrence. I get it Hollywood, JLaw is you’re newest darling, you want to make her the Hugh Jackman of this reboot. The reason this is failing is because she is simply not likable in the role. There. I said it. What separates Lawrence from Jackman is Jackman actually appeared to enjoy the role he was given. Jlaw acts like she would rather be doing ‘Oscar worthy’ movies and the mystique character is a burden. Also if she’s so mutant and proud why do I have to see human face mystique so often?…

Apocalypse. I had no problem with the acting per se, it’s just that apocalypse didn’t feel…apocalyptic? (did you see what I did there?) For an OG mutant and big bad, Apocalypse did nothing to make me fear him and the scene where he learnt from the TV was corn as hell. Sure, there were cool moments where his power was on display but did I fear his whispers? nope

Where the hell was Jubilee? I know absolutely NOTHING about this character but when she was announced I saw quite a bit of people getting excited. And that in turn made me excited like , oh boy, a new character, I wonder what she does?? Pfft. when I tell you She had 5 minuted of screen time I mean….she had 5 minutes of screen time


Quicksilver! Best. Scene. Ever!! Holy shit. I lost my mind when he had his moment.  The music, the theatrics…It was perfection. I didn’t think they could top his scene in Days of Future past but they did and he was a lot more involved in this movie than the last one

Wolverine. At this point Hugh Jackman’s wolverine is so well known that all we need is just a sprinkle of his presence and that’s exactly what happened in this movie. Super quick scene that tried to tie it in with bits we knew from the previous Xmen movies he was featured in

Additional notes: did Angel actually die in a plane? o.O I thought he has wi….never mind.

Ultimately Xmen Apocalypse had some cool scenes and it was neither good nor bad but it made the cardinal sin of being forgettable.

Rating: 3/5




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