Book Review – Vampire Girl

29769675Synopsis: You think it’s safe to walk alone at night. It’s not.
You think the only threat is other humans. It’s not.
Monsters are real. Demons are real. Vampires are real.
And I’m about to become one of them.
My name is Arianna Spero. I was an ordinary girl, living an ordinary life, until my mother lapsed into a coma. Now, I am her only hope. She made a deal with the devil, and on my 18th birthday he came to collect. But there’s a way to save her. There’s something the princes of hell want more than my mother.
So I signed my soul away and promised to pick a prince to marry. I would take the blood oath, become one of them, and give them an heir. I would become a princess of hell, and my mother would live.
I expected fire and brimstone. I expected pain and misery. I didn’t expect beauty. I didn’t expect magic.
I didn’t expect love.
But the princes are keeping secrets from me.
Secrets that could shatter everything.

If I had to choose a word to describe this book I would choose ‘frustrating’. Vampire girl had a great description, awesome world building and the right bits of humour to keep the book going. What made this read frustrating for me was that it became generic very quickly.

The book begins with Ari, who has now quit school and working to help out at home. Her mother (who has a mysterious link to the world she is about to be thrust into) falls into a coma and Ari is offered a deal to save her. She has to marry one of their princes. Now this is where I started to get frustrated. Ari is told this by the gorgeous Asher and later meets his brother, the equally attractive Fen. Now, seeing as this is 2 out of the 7 brothers my thought process was hell, if these are only 2 I want to see what the others are like. Does Ari do this? Nope, Ari decides to fall in love with one of the first 2 guys she meets -_- Girl are you for real?

Ari is a special snowflake, how do we know this? We were told this in the book. Arianna does nothing substantial that makes her special. There are a  couple she cares about the servants scenes and that was pretty much it. The entire premise of the book was her having to choose between these guys and navigate the world and lies and all that jazz, yet, we aren’t allowed to really get to know ANY of them outside of Asher and Fen (the others essentially had cameos) sigh

Vampire girl by Karpov Kincade was frustrating because I could see potential. There were some moments I was like oh that’s cool, but it would quickly be followed by something that made me roll my eyes. I’ll probably check out book 2 because I think it can get better.

Rating: 2.5/5


2 thoughts on “Book Review – Vampire Girl

  1. I LOVE your moniker! Never a sidekick, you go!! Love the review. I am there with you. I also am going to read the second. Didn’t it annoy you how the male protagonists kept acting like she was so amazing. Lol pfffftt


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