Having ran another blog I realised one thing…I hate feeling like I only can discuss one type of topic or feeling forced to talk about media I’m not interested in. Hence Never a Sidekick! I get to talk about the 3 of the 4 things I’m most passionate about: books, tv and movies. The 4th is coffee. Most of the commentary of this blog will be reactionary. What does that mean? The focus will be on emotions. How did I feel reading this book? Did I connect with the character in the movie? Was the plot intriguing yet simple enough to understand? You get the idea. This way I get to focus on topics I’m interested in and have a lot more fun doing something that I enjoy which is…talking about stuff I enjoy -_- Welcome to the blog!



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi. Very attractive site. Do you have a review policy? Do you read adult literary science fiction? With respect to ratings, are yours based solely on entertainment value or is there another criteria, such as impact on consciousness? Can you appreciate characters that you hate? Thanks


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